About Us

Hetland's Hunting Haven is a family owned Pheasant Hunting business centered around our working farm near Mitchell, South Dakota in the heart of Pheasant Country.

When you join us for a pheasant hunt, you’ll encounter a sprawling landscape with breathtaking scenery, where an abundance of wildlife revels in its natural habitat. At Hetland’s Hunting Haven, we honor the traditional pheasant hunt and the enjoyment of the outdoors.

Over the past 10 years establishing new habitat has been our highest priority.  We have planted 21 acres of new trees, seeded 365 acres of CRP grasses and continually add to the food plots dedicated to our hunts.

We are committed to our hunters and creating a lasting hunting experience that will bring you back year after year. Make your reservations today for the ultimate pheasant hunting experience!









“At least ten years of hunting at Hetland’s Hunting Lodge, mostly with the same group of hunters; testimonial in and of its self!!! Dedicated to providing pheasant habitat! Look forward to returning again this year and hopefully for many more!”

Malcom W., Fort Worth, TX